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fact not fiction for the first time in years [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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where's your head at where's your head, your head? [Aug. 5th, 2007|08:43 pm]
so, awesome party on friday...i must be getting old because it took me a whole day to recover!! No but honestly, nothing in the world is more fun than when we all get together, get drunk, and get dancing. i only hope that Mags found the house in a good condition after our break in.

also part of my get rich quick scam is to maybe marshal at V in chelmsford. It is £6 an hour i'm not sure how many shifts you have to do but all you have to do is point to where the traffic has to go. Problem is you have to camp on the 'staff camping zone' and I REALLY don't want to go alone and have to camp alone. So if any of you are even the slightest bit up for it, it is from friday 17th until 19th august, and i guess we'd make quite a bit of money, and may even be able to go into the arena? i'm not sure but PPLEASE come with me because i don't want to have to be a loner, and i won't even have a nice frenchy on site to send me lovely text messages.

If any of you are interested just shoot me a reply and i'll send you the number you have to call. it will be fun, obviously!

peace out gues and hopoe to see you soon

later days
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(no subject) [May. 31st, 2007|11:52 pm]
Hello guys,

So after speaking to a long lost recently returned friend today (aka ALICE) I came to realisation that this summer we probably will not all be out and about in the motherland. Thus I thought I would do a post asking people's dates and plans so we could have an idea of when we might see each other, etc. I, shall start:

28th (my b'day) to 8th July = UHmerica US of A avec the family

WORK for money, not academic obv.

1st September to 7th? = with alice for another trip to france, hurahh.

So that isn't as exctiting as last summer, in fact it's nowhere near as exctiting...damn the ol'finances. I know that carmell and tini aren't leaving Abs.

But any other takers?

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take me by the hand and tell me you would take me anywhere... [Dec. 22nd, 2006|05:28 pm]
Hello lj, I know that I haven't written in about a billion years I don't know what has actually been going on in my life to lead me to neglect writing for so long. Well I do...nothing, I'm just lazy.

Anyway I just wanted to write to say that it is so nice to come home. When I was in Durham I looked forward to coming home with a lot of apprehension mostly due to having to spend lots of time with my family etc. However now I'm back I just feel really happy. I don't really want to go into it but the last few weeks in Durham were pretty stressful due to the housing situation, however I know now it will be fine when we all get back.

Also, it's made me realise how happy I am to be at Durham and also how easy it is. The only worry I ever have about being there is it's too small; I should have gone to a big city where there would be more of a variety of people. But in Durham everything is taken care of, it's the only place where I'll have a college to belong to, where I can say I caught crabs and people will know I'm not talking about an STI, and where I can drink a bottle of wine before 8 and no one will care. I'm basically living in a glorified boarding school just like I always wanted and afterwards I can go to the city and have the second half of my youth there, home much of a brilliant deal is that eh!? So I'm happy and have totally chilled out which a great is feeling. *touch wood*

Also I hope that I haven't changed too much for you guys, and if I have changed I hope that it's for the good. I'm sure I have but it's one of those things where you can't quite put your finger on it, maybe I'm more extroverted I don't know, I just hope that it is for the best.

It has been so wonderful coming home and seeing everyone. From Anna/Edgar's amazing party which just set the ball rolling for an awesome holiday of partying and seeing each other. It made me realise how much I miss all of you and how I kind of miss 'us' and that support a lot. Thus keeping to this topic I thought that I would raise out of the fire of Europe a new trip that Alice and I have been discussing and that I thought that you all might like...

Europe eh? So what next?????Collapse )

Well friends feedback please. I know it is a big thing and that is why I'm leaving you three years to think about it! Ha. Also say if some amazing publishing job does come up, or you get fast tracked into to UN or you end up in a hippie camb in tibet, what was the harm in saving for america, your student gets paid off you get a morgage buy mail order husband and an african baby, your life is sorted!
So, what do we think?

later days, as always, hopefully not as many days a my last entry.
love me
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I'll do graffitti if you sing to me in french... [Nov. 9th, 2006|12:09 pm]
Hi guys!

1 )I just thought I'd do a quick post to say that I had a great time on friday and saturday seeing you all...Especially the brunch, something about us having meals together makes me really happy! It sounds like you're all having an great time at uni, some of you more crazy than others, (yes you chocolate girl) but it's great that we can all meet up. Carmelle I missed you and I wished you were there! To be honest part of me wished we could just spend the weekend together and I could have skipped out the going home home bit, but that would be pretty harsh on the ol'parentes.

2) Going home was ok but if I'm honest really boring. Mum had obviously tried really hard getting me my faviourite meals (duck and pancakes, yum) and taking me out shopping for stuff that I needed but I have to admit that I felt a bit phoney saying things like 'It's lovely to be home' etc. I think the fact that I was missing our first match (we lost 37 nil, which was actually really good I hear) and initiation (dress as a chav - bar crawl) made it even worse. Plus I didn't sleep very well so I was really tired, still it was nice to see my family again, and to be taken care of and it did make me realise one thing I am DEFINATELY getting a job over christmas or I will go insane!! Plus this means I will be able to raise enough money to join alice at some part of her gap year trip, wahey, thinking of traveling as always!

3) Getting back was really good. I returned in the envening and looking out of my window I could see the castle and cathedral lit up. Walking down from the train station and just realised how much I love durham and how homely it feels now. It was great seeing everyone, it felt as if I had been away for ages! Hannah told me the anecdotes of the weekend, and told me never to leave again and also informed my of a very sweet voicemail message the had all left of my phone which I, being a crappy phone person, didn't pick up until later. Ok then it was off to the gym for rugby fitness training in which I nearly died, but I was repaid later with sex and the city viewing. We are also getting though the first season of Dawson's Creek which is angstalicious...ahh my angsty angsty youth.

Anyway, if there are any updates about birmingham let me know, I think we should plan the trip for next term, that way I can book way in advace for like £10! Can't wait to see you all again for some Christams drinking/eating.

later days
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(no subject) [Oct. 21st, 2006|06:11 pm]
Hi guys, less of an entry, more of some questions..

1)Did anyone win any IB prizes for our awards ceremony thing?


2)Did Meredith drop off the face of the earth into a big PPE essay?

Any answers are better then none, so get the rolling in...

love me

Ohh and

3) What is the rally that Bryn is going to in aid of? (that's just me being noosey)
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(no subject) [Sep. 30th, 2006|11:44 am]
[mood| scared]

Well tomorrow I'm off to university. Thoughts and feelings are as follows.

1. Logic says, you are my friends, we have a lot on common, you like university, thus I am bound to like it. Or maybe it doesn't say that, should have listened harder in TOK. Anyway I feel really indifferent about it, but I hate the idea of staying here..so really there is no choice.

2. Durham, wtf? hoho, I've always wanted to use that acronym. I don't think it is the people I'm scared of, I think it is the place. I'm about to emerse myself in middle england again. I AM actually crazy, I'm off to a place with the worst nightclub in Europe and NO cinema (not that I go to the cinema often, but still). Will I get to see ANY bands at all??? Granted Newcastle is like 10 minutes away harboring both nightclubs and art's cinemas so maybe i'm wrong and have the best of both worlds.

3. Oxbridge rejects...well enough said. Actually having said that, if I had applied to oxbridge I would have been one so lets not be judgemental. In fact, Tim Spears...enough said, that's better.

4. The closet, I don't want to have to jump right back in, I hope the people there are cool and openminded. I really realy know that I'm not going to find my soulmate despite your europe wishes thing, but it's still a good dream to have. Plus I suddenly remembered that I'm a COMPLETE virgin, god what a wierd thought.....In fact I am now THE ONLY one in our group who is, HA check me out you bunch of heathens, yes I'm looking at YOU CLAIRE!

Those are me university fears, I'm sure that the will soon be quelled and crushed, or at least I hope so.

Now I'm going out on my bike for the last time! *sniff sniff*

fairthee well my friends.

This will probably be the last post I do from home, scary though.

later days

love mexxx

p.s I use way too many commas, damn it!

[mood| energetic
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cigarettes and chocolate milk.. [Sep. 19th, 2006|08:15 pm]
well not quite but a quick message to say...


I forgot that I have this nandos voucher left over from my birthday. Its a jumbo platter which is two whole chickens and lots of chip and healthy stuff like that. So after coffee we can all head for the chicken.

Anyways thats it

later day(s) me homesters
love me
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Tired and bored with myself [Sep. 19th, 2006|01:31 pm]
I know that I'm meant to actually be doing something for university but I have NO idea what? I actually managed to set up a student back account the other day, which was scary because it means that I'm actually in control of my own finances. Even though I've rejected having an overdraft so it's probably not that different.

I don't acutally have a reading list so that is that out of the window. So really I seem to be using these days as my last few weeks of freedom before I get plundged back into the world of academia again, even though I will blatantley love it. Really I should be doing something like packing or atleast preparing but I just can't hold all the things I have to do in my brain at one time, which is great news for my future life.

So instead i've decided to plan the ol'social calender before we all bid farewell to eachother. Firstly tomorrow, I think that we should go to Lufers or something and I am suggesting the time of 12.30pm. Which obviously can be altered but it's always good to set a time for these things. Is that alright with everyone??? Comment yah or ney, yah?

Okay, I'm off to try and sort out my laptop clearing it and all that..for UNI. Still can't really believe that i'm going. God...the fear, the fear.

later days me uni/gappi bros

love me
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I've been tired for days and days... [Aug. 5th, 2006|04:07 pm]
[mood| anxious]
[music| days and days - tegan and sara...written by sara ]

I'm back, I'm not really going to talk about Peru just now, because I will tell you about it on sunday. It was an experience and I enjoyed the majority of it. That will do for now

Well the perm is done.

Personally I think that hairdressers are deathtraps. Usually I get out of bed put on some clothes and walk out of the house, most days without really looking in a mirror. BUT at the hairdressers you have to sit there for AGES and look at your HEAD. I HATE my head and face, ive just decided there is a GENUINE reason that I never look at it and thats because it is really really wierd and big and ugly.

So anyway the perm didnt go well. Firstly the hairdressers there were AGAIN really quite rude to me. I'm just not black enough. I feel like such a minority in there, I was telling one of the hairdressers that in Durham they won't have any black hairsaloons and she was like, 'I hate going to places when you can count the amount of black people on your fingers'. Well I hate your rude rnb ridden black salon thankyou very much. So I spent most of the time reading a book because I actually hate looking at my awful head in the mirror.

Anyway when I emerged from the rollers and treatments and stuff I just looked ABSOLUTELY ridiculous. Basically my hair is nowhere near the volume it used to be AND really short which means you notice my head and face ALL THE TIME! Which I hate. So I like nodded my way out of there while mum was like 'do you like it? Do out like it?'

So I got in the car and burst in to tears. Which is really wierd because I never really care about my appearence much but I obviously do in this case. I think it was actually because I was tired and they were really rude and I came out looking pretty wierd. And on the way home it dawned on me that I have never been thought of as attractive but people have thought I was cool. I got a perm to try and look my attractive for Europe and I actually don't and now I don't even look cool so its like I lost both. Plus there are just so many good looking black people out there I actually cant compete, no one will ever be attracted to me without knowing me I don't think. I don't know it just made me feel really sad.

Saying that, mum was really nice to me and so was David and I think they both genuinely like it. (Mum said that she reacted exactly the same way when she got a perm! How long did it last? Err, not long I had it straightened. *sigh*) The style is definately growing on me, the more I look at it. I think I should just accept the fact that I might be destined to be unnattractive all my life and I tended to let down the few people who thought I was cool by my ridiculously geeky personality. So in conclusion I think that as it grows I will like it more and more which means that by the middle of Europe it should look alright. I don't know, we shall see, maybe I'm just making a big deal over nothing, plus it isnt completely dry yet so I shouldn't jump the gun as'twere.

I've missed you all SOOOO unbelieveably much. Alice came over yesturday and we had lunch and it was sooo great to see her! THEN we talked on the phone for ages which was also REALLY nice, it was like, YAY! HER HAIR looks REALLY good. Usually she's the one whos like 'i hate it' and i'm like 'it looks great!' tables turned eh? No its looking really good. I cant wait to see the rest of you either. I'll be there tomorrow, gah I'm so excited damn it! Right i'll stop this ranting now.

Fairtheewell for now my good good friends,
can't wait to see you all tomorrow
later day(s)
love me

p.s Lets go to Europe now, I hate being here and single and judged by hairdressers!

[mood| crushed]
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just don't say I'm damed for all time [Jul. 13th, 2006|12:35 am]
[mood| pensive]

Well friends, lovers and others

Just a 'quick post to say that I will soon be off to deepest darkest peru (literally, there is no sun in Lima, just clouds). So I bid you fairwell and Alice I hope you have an awesome birthday and like what you find in my email when you open it.

Also I have set up a photo acount, here is the link:


I wasn't sure whether you could download direct to photobucket, and Alice's cousin uses this when abroad so here it is. I hope to have a chance to upload a few photos whilst we are gone so you don't forget who we are!

Plus I hope that all those who are going away to estonia and elsewhere have a great time. We will be back before you know it for you know what!


ok enough

hopefully post soon

later days me homesters
love me
[mood| happy]
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